Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease which causes the loss of bone tissue and a disorganization of your bone structure. Over 200 million people worldwide are affected by osteoporosis and the ailments which are caused by low bone mass.

The loss of bone mass and osteoporosis have been linked to several health and lifestyle factors. These include:

  • Menopause (osteoporosis is more common in women than in men).
  • Those aged over 50 years of age.
  • A history of smoking.
  • Calcium deficiency.
  • Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Inadequate dietary protein.


Osteoporosis predominantly affects weight-bearing bones such as your pelvis, femur (thigh bone), and lumbar vertebrae. These are critical structures within your body. As such, the loss of bone mass in these body parts can result in debilitating hip and lumbar spine fractures.


Osteoporosis develops slowly over several years. As such, you may not notice any warning signs or symptoms until an accident causes a bone fracture. However, some of the most common injuries found in people suffering from osteoporosis include:

  • A stooping position (this occurs when the bones in the spine are fractured and it becomes difficult to support the weight of the body).
  • Wrist fractures.
  • Hip fractures.
  • Fractures of the ribs.
  • Chronic pain as a result of these various fractures.


Fortunately, there are measures which you can take to prevent the onset and progression of osteoporosis. The development of osteoporosis has been linked with a lack of exercise. Therefore if you partake in consistent exercise within your everyday routine, such as light weight bearing exercises, you will be able to delay and potentially reduce further significant loss of bone mass.

Gravity-resisting activities, such as walking, running, and bicycling or various types of strength-training exercises, cause our bodies to build new muscle. In turn, your bones respond to the physiological changes in your body caused by exercise, and develop denser bone structures. This physiologic response is referred to as Wolff’s Law. Ultimately, by exercising regularly, you can develop stronger, denser bones which will be less susceptible to fractures.

If you begin to implement an exercise regime into your everyday lifestyle, it is also recommended you consider sports massage therapies. Recent medical studies have identified sports massages as eminently effective support measures for the healing of bone and joint related injuries. Particularly if you are beginning to implement exercise regimes into your everyday lifestyle, it is advisable you receive massage treatments to support your development of your bone and muscle strength, as well as safeguarding yourself from the possibility of exercise related injuries.

For a more direct approach, continued spine & wellness care can directly address any spinal misalignments from which osteoporosis clients suffer. These misalignments can directly impact and impede the proper functioning of your nerve system, as well as causing tight and inflamed spinal ligaments and muscles and restricted mobility in your neck, lower back, and/or mid-back. By seeking spine & wellness care, you can realign your spine to ensure your nerve system is working efficiently in conjunction with the rest of your body.

At the EDGE Wellness Clinic, our professionals utilise the appropriate techniques to extensively examine your spine, as well as the rest of your body. This permits us to accurately diagnose and treat any stiffness and pain from which you are suffering. By targeting the primary source of your pain and stiffness with a series of non-invasive healing methods, we can alleviate your injuries and reduce stiffness and joint pain in future.

Ultimately, with a combination of spine & wellness care, to correct any spinal misalignments and optimize nerve system functioning, as well as a nutritious diet regular exercise and massage therapies, you can maintain healthy and strong bones which will be less susceptible to deterioration or fracture.

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